We specialize in creating attention-grabbing ads that turn social media users into qualified campaign backers.

“When I see Kickstarter, I don’t see a company. Instead, I see a social movement. I see people doing things for people.” Om Malik

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Crowdfunding Campaign Success with 480K Dollars by Novelty Ads Kickstarter Marketing Agency

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We’ve Helped Crowdfund Over $600k For Crowdfunding Projects In 2022

As a Kickstarter Marketing Agency we specialize in creating attention-grabbing Facebook ads that turn social media users into qualified leads. From ad creative and strategy to analytics and landing pages, we’ll take care of everything for you.

Kickstarter Projects We’ve Helped

Join hands with us and let’s turn your crowdfunding dreams into reality. Explore our comprehensive services today and experience the difference of partnering with a results-oriented crowdfunding marketing agency.


      Word Explosion By Uh-Oh Games



Funded in               237 Backers             Funded 147%

5 Hours

League of Dungeoneers, Kickstarter Crowdfunding Marketing Campaign By Novelty Ads


        League of Dungeoneers



Funded in               4,402 Backers             Funded 1884%

1 Hour

Cytress Crowdfunding Campaign Managed By Novelty Ads - The Best Kickstarter Marketing Agency





Funded in               1,902 Backers             Funded 285%

3 Hours

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Word Explosion Kickstarter Helped By Novelty Ads, Kickstarter Crowdfunding Marketing Agency for Board Games

Novelty Ads has been absolutely amazing to work with. They’re flexible, very knowledgeable and was available whenever I needed them. Novelty Ads helped me to get my first Kickstarter funded and I couldn’t have done it without him.


Worldbreakers Campaign by Novelty Ads Kickstarter Marketing Agency

I worked with Novelty Ads on marketing my board game Kickstarter campaign through Facebook. Team routinely designed and updated advertisements that attracted both mailing subscriptions and customer orders. They were transparent and communicative, and adopted my feedback quickly. Thanks Novelty Ads!



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