How to Create a Facebook Business Manager in 2024?

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Creating a Facebook business manager is crucial to run and manage advertisement on Facebook account. Following the steps mentioned below can help you create a business manager in 2023 for your business page and later link it to your Facebook page if created already.


  1. Firstly, go to and click on “Create Account” button on the top right side of the window.
  • A pop up window will appear as shown below. It will ask for basic details of your business like business name, owner name and business email. After adding the information click “Submit” button. Type the correct information, Facebook has the right of business verification of the advertisers.


    After clicking submit, facebook will send a verification email to your given email address you can visit the inbox of given email address and follow the verification link. It will create your business manager account.

    To verify if Business Manager is created or not?

    Following the above steps, you will need to check if your business manager is created or not. There are multiple methods to check that, we will enlist the easiest of them all here.


    • Go to and click on the dropdown appearing right next to your profile picture positioned in the top right corner of the window. You can find the newly created business manager here.